15 Quick Facts For Our Shortened Attention Spans

15 Quick Facts For Our Shortened Attention Spans

Did you know that Alexander the Great never lost a battle in his 15 years of conquest? He gained a reputation of leading his men to battle with impressive speed, allowing smaller forces to reach and break the enemy lines before his foes were ready. On another note, Kombucha has been claimed to treat serious conditions with no evidence to back it up. Everything from AIDS, cancer, and aging to arthritis and diabetes, great claims about kombucha’s healing qualities have been purported. It has, on the other hand, caused rare cases of fatalities. Considering its lack of scientific support for these outrageous claims, maybe give this "medicinal beverage" a miss next time you see it at your local grocer's. Lastly, polar bear livers have so much vitamin-A that they're dangerous. When hunted down by humans, the livers are buried or burned to prevent the hunter's dogs from eating them. So if you ever come across a polar bear liver when out on an expedition in the Arctic, make sure not to add it into your stew!

A 120-lb woman holds the record for eating 72 ounces of steak the quickest.

A Sacramento woman ate 4.5 pounds worth of steak in 20 minutes. CRACKED.COM The world record for eating three, 72 oz steaks is held by Molly Schuyler, who weighs just 120 lbs herself.

LA Times / Wikipedia

Guys couldn’t be dudes before Guy Fawkes.

The word guy comes from Guy Fawkes. CRACKED.COM Folks used to burn his effigy, a Guy Fawkes or a guy, and from there it came to refer to a frightful figure. Eventually it just came to refer to a man.

TED / Wikipedia

There are 20 million bats in a cave in Texas.

The Bracken Bat Cave in Texas has the largest known bat colony in the world. CRACKED.COM Over 20 million bats live in the cave, which is more than there are people living in Mumbai, India, one of the world's largest human cities.

DOI /  Wikimedia

Walt Disney didn’t think the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp would work.

Walt Disney was originally against the famous spaghetti-eating scene in Lady and the Tramp. CRACKED.COM Не thought it would look too silly, and not romantic. Animator Frank Thomas disagreed, and animated the whole scene without layouts to convince Walt it would work.

Yahoo / YouTube

James Cameron says the best thing that happened to him was not going to film school.

James Cameron dropped out of college. CRACKED.COM Не started driving a truck and taught himself about special effects and production design. Cameron says, One of the best things that happened to me was that I didn't go to film school.

FlavorWire / Wikipedia

Washington and Adams did not want to join a political party.

George Washington and Samuel Adams refused to join a political party. CRACKED.COM They believed the idea would divide Congress. They're instead only identified as Whigs, a common name for those supporting independence.

History / Wikipedia

Yorkshire pudding was meant to fill you up before the more expensive next course.

Yorkshire pudding used to be served as a first course to dull the appetite. CRACKED.COM The pudding, served in a thick gravy, was made with relatively low-cost ingredients, so that the diners would not eat so much of the more expensive meat in the next course.

Business Live / Wikipedia

The first marriages were by capture.

The word Wedding originates from the Anglo-Saxon word wedd which meant gamble. CRACKED.COM The first marriages were by capture. The groom, with the help of his warrior friends (his best men), would steal into another tribe's camp and kidnap the woman of his choice.

UCLA / Pexels

The British government concluded that moderate marijuana use had no ill effects in 1894.

In 1894, the British Indian government completed a wide-ranging study of cannabis in India. CRACKED.COM The British Parliament enacted a tax on marijuana in 1798, to reduce consumption for the sake of the natives' good health and sanity, but later found that moderate use had no ill effects.

UCLA / Wikipedia

Polar bear livers have so much vitamin-A that they’re dangerous.

Liver of polar bears is so rich in vitamin-A that it is considered poisonous. GRACKED.COM When hunted down by humans, the livers are buried or burned to prevent the hunter's dogs from eating them.

NCBI / Wikipedia

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