15 Time-Bending Facts About Salvador Dali

He was exactly as weird as you think he was, and probably even weirder.
15 Time-Bending Facts About Salvador Dali

The following is a collection of odd facts to enjoy. It's meant for anyone who likes the idea of odd facts, not just for people who are interested in lists of odd facts. I was thinking about writing a list of funny jokes that you could use in stand-up comedy routines and on stage, but I found that many of the jokes were so stupid and obvious that they were only funny if you knew exactly what was meant by them, so I didn't bother to write any of those down. This list is different because it's full of interesting facts. Most of them are so interesting that you'd never think of making them into jokes, and you'll probably never know why they are interesting. If you are one of those people who are interested in finding out what all of these odd facts mean, you will enjoy this list of interesting facts. If you are one of those people who enjoy making fun of stupid people who like to tell stupid jokes, then you probably won't get anything out of this list. 

His Mustache is Intact to This Day

His Mustache is Intact to This Day CRACKED.COM In 2017, Dali's remains were exhumed to settle a paternity claim, but the most surprising thing experts found, since it turned out he wasn't the father, was that Dali's mustache had remained per- fectly in place in the nearly 30 years since his death. One witness at the site declared the discovery a miracle, pro- claimed Salvador Dali is forever, and probably went on to start an incredibly niche religion.


The Appropriately Unsettling Dali Museum

The Appropriately Unsettling Dali Museum CRACKED COM In 1960, Dali began the process of restor- ing the theater where he held one of his first art shows as the Dali Theatre and Mu- seum (even though Daliwood was right there). Не envisioned it as a place where visitors will leave with the sensation of having had a theatrical dream, and he more or less succeeded, filling it with bi- zarre installations like a living room set that, when viewed from a specific location, looks like Mae West's face. After he died, he was buried in a crypt beneath the stage,


He Refused to Sell Yoko Ono His Mustache

Не Refused to Sell Yoko Ono His Mustache GRACKED.COM In 1969, Yoko Ono offered Dali $10,000 for a single hair from his mustache, which Dali refused, but not for any nor- mal reason. Не thought she was a witch and intended to do voodoo stuff with the hair, though her motivations were probably more along the lines of I have enough money to buy Salvador Dali's mustache hair, so obviously I'm going to do that. Instead, he sold her a dried blade of grass that she probably realized wasn't a hair, but hey, it's a weird enough transaction that it's


He Had a Thing With Cauliflower

Не Had a Thing With Cauliflower CRACKED.COM Twice, Dali drove around Paris in a limo full of cauliflower, once just handing them out to people and then showing up to a speech in a Rolls Royce full of 'em, shouting that Ev- erything ends up in the cauliflower! and later explaining to a journalist that he'd become enamored with the logarithmic curve of cauliflower. As usual, no one had any idea what he was on about.


He Had a Thing With Ants

Не Had a Thing With Ants CRACKED.COM Ants show up in a lot of Dali's art, and this wasn't, as much of his art would seem to suggest, a random choice. Не became fascinated with ants as a child after taking in a wounded bat, which soon be- came covered with ants. The sight delighted Dali so much that he put the bat in his mouth and bit it al- most in half.


He Believed He Was His Own Brother

Не Believed Не Was His Own Brother GRACKED.COM Dali believed he was the reincar- nation of his brother, also named Salvador, who was born and died nine months before his own birth, mostly because his parents told him so, explaining the whole thing when Dali was five at his brother's grave. If you want your child to grow up to be a weird artist, that's certainly one way to do it.


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