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Michael Bay's Dora The Explorer Movie Is For Who, Exactly?

Dora the Explorer is getting that gritty, live-action reboot we've all hoped and dreamed for.


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Word around social media circles is that Taco Bell might soon be releasing something called the Chocoladilla.


A Zoo Is Bribing A Weird Panda With Sex

This panda is outta control!


Starbucks Released A New Holiday Cup. Everybody Panic!

The marketing team for Starbucks are a bunch of geniuses. Frightening geniuses.


4 Reasons Sexual Assault Victims Don't Step Forward

#MeToo asked women to just step forward and align themselves with fellow survivors, and even that simple act was tough.


The 15 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (10/24/17)

The news is like pumpkin spice -- inescapable and a little sickening.


29 Huge Social Media Gaffes By Huge Companies

There's a reason Social Media 101 classes are popping up in schools everywhere.