Do you often struggle to compete with house plants and particularly colorful wallpaper when you are a guest at a party? Does making small talk give you the heebie jeebies? Do you often feel like the least interesting person in the room?

Well, first of all we commend your self awareness. As grade A, uninteresting dullards ourselves, we applaud your self awareness. Most people would rather watch paint dry than conversate with us and by gum if we don't know it.

That said, there IS a work around--but it's only for the most daring of souls. You see, we've assembled more than a dozen of the most stimulating, fascinating and flabbergasting facts we could find to ensure that you'll be the most interesting person in the next room you find yourself in. 

For example, you’ve probably heard that Steve Irwin got killed by a stingray -- but you probably didn’t know how insanely unlikely that was. Here’s the full story, plus 12 others:

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