What's The Deal With #FreeBritney

A quick overview of the conspiracy theory turned terrifying legal reality of Britney Spears.
What's The Deal With #FreeBritney

What's The Deal is back this week with a quick summary of conservatorship, the most terrifying legal status you've never heard of, and specifically how it applies to Britney Spears.

WHAT'S THE DEAL: FREEBRITNEY What is #FreeBritney? CRACKED.COM #FreeBritney is a movement, which has existed across the internet for some time, alleging that Britney Spears is trapped in an abusive conservatorship controlled by her father, Jamie Spears.
WHAT'S THE DEAL: FREEBRITNEY Why wait until now? CRACKED.COM To put it BRIEFLY the power given in a conservatorship is pretty much insane. Most year olds you know probably have more control over their life.
WHAT'S THE DEAL: FREEBRITNEY That's messed up. CRACKED.com It sure is! If it sounds like a nightmare situation worthy of a psychological thriller, it already is. Recent Netflix film I Care A Lot stars Rosamund, Pike as a woman taking advantage of involuntary conservatorship to defraud the elderly, which is a real thing.
WHAT'S THE DEAL: FREEBRITNEY Why does this exist? CRACKED.co .COM It may just sound like the work of some evil legal genius, but conservatorship has actual use in cases like severe dementia. But bad-faith cases happen, and, since victims are now labeled mentally unfit, is very hard to escape from.
WHAT'S THE DEAL: FREEBRITNEY What happens now? CRACKEDG .COM Thanks to her public court statements (which, by the way, her father tried to keep sealed) there's now much greater awareness and scrutiny of the situation. Hopefully, it leads to not only reassessment of her case, but reform of the practice.


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