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“The lamest crime is loitering. You imagine a guy with a 30-page rap sheet that’s all loitering. What do you do with a guy like that? Throw him in jail, where he can’t go anywhere?”

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Ringo Starr Drops Trademark Lawsuit Against Makers of Ring O Adult Toy


Well, folks, it seems the world's luckiest average drummer, Ringo Starr, has finally heeded the famed advice of his good pal and former Beatles bandmate, look-alike Paul McCartney, deciding to “Let It Be” in the long-running legal battle with a sex toy company attempting to trademark their Ring O dick rings. 

After filing a suit against Screaming O pleasure products in 2019, with Starr's lawyers arguing that “consumers will likely believe that Opposer's newest venture is sex toys," an outcome that the 80-year-old artist “does not want,” the legal proceedings have finally reached a climax, the famed musician dropping his case after reaching an agreement with the company, BBC News reported. 

As a part of the settlement, the adult toy company has promised they would "avoid any activity likely to lead to confusion," with the star(r), adding that all-important space between the 'Ring' and the ‘O' in an attempt to avoid accidentally name dropping the octogenarian drummer and limiting the name to sex aids and “desensitizing sprays," Loudwire noted. After all, it seems nothing helps one become desensitized to f---ery quite like spending a decade with alleged d-bag, John Lennon (pls don't hunt me down, Beatles fans). 

The company also agreed to refrain from leaning into their product's similarities with the musician, taking care not to "degrade, tarnish or deprecate or disparage" Starr's name or likeness and refraining from making innuendos, implying the penis Ring Os are Ringo approved. 

So folks, here's to Ringo and Ring O managing to “Come Together” – no innuendo intended – to find a solution. 

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