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Nathan Wadowski
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November 09, 2015

About Me

Treegnome traveled here from the year 2099 to prevent a future where there is no humor. Later realizing this would cause a grandfather paradox that would destroy the universe, he now spends his time just dicking around instead, mostly here at Cracked.com, and at his own hilarious website, here:
He has ADHD, which means in addition to him being awesome, his life is a a pain in the ass. This disability might explain why most of his website is him making fun of terrible video games that nobody's played in 20 years. He may also be a little retarded, and apparently speaks of himself in the third person. His site also includes the Top 10 Things the Twilight Films Did Terribly and 6 Ways The Force Awakens is a Worse Star Wars Movie Than Phantom Menace. Check it out!


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