Adult Film Industry Has Been Educating Fans (And Health Experts) During This

Adult Film Industry Has Been Educating Fans (And Health Experts) During This

Not only is vaccination porn trending right now because the adult film industry is nothing if not relevant, but many performers — especially femdoms and others in the BDSM genre — are also educating their clients about the advantages of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s right, some sex workers are also health educators now because, in many ways, it just makes the most sense. 

Dainis Graveris/Unsplash 

“This foreign piece of latex is called a condom, nom nom nom.”

Medical fetishism is nothing new. The Kinky Nurse trope has been traced as far back as the 1500s, and people will always be curious about the many possible ways one could use a stethoscope. Add a pandemic filled with gloves and face covers and a lot of soapy hands, and you have yourself a porn trend for the times. Not all of these Get Vaxxxed adult films are about medical fetishes, though. Some just simply use the premise of getting that jab to make films with titles like, “Is your Sperm a COVID-19 Vaccine, Boss?” Funny, sure, but it’s also part of creating awareness around vaccinations and educating people who need to be told that, if you want to get laid, best you be healthy.

After all, the adult industry knows a thing or two about the importance of health. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, health experts were quick to point out that the porn industry could be used to model test-and-tracing programs since they've been implementing such programs rigorously following the mass outbreak of HIV/AIDS in their industry during the ‘90s. In the United States, the industry uses a nationwide program called Performer Availability Screening Services or PASS, which requires performers to be tested for HIV and STIs every 14 days. If someone tests positive, they’re treated, and their partners are traced. The industry has been lauded for these safety practices, and of course, we’re seeing the same guidelines being used all around the world during our current pandemic.

So, you know, butts out to those in the porn industry who are trying to make sex both hot and healthy.

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Top Image: Diana Polekhina/Unsplash

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