In that respect, it probably shouldn't be surprising that he's become Jack Black's character in The Holiday, but it's still pretty jarring from the guy most famous for threatening to fuck us like an animal.

It's not like they're tiny little indie movies trying to buy cred by putting a famous name in their credits in exchange for letting him think he's a serious composer, either. His first score was for David Lynch's Lost Highway, and his second was for the goddamn Social Network

He's since become a frequent collaborator of David Fincher, doing the scores for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl, and Mank. Those are, like, the two most important Davids in the film industry. He has a freaking Emmy for Watchmen

He did Bird Box! Basically, you might think you haven't listened to Trent Reznor's music since 1999, but if you've seen Disney's latest offering, you have.

The world is upside down in a lot of ways right now, but Trent Reznor working with Disney has to be in, like, the top 100 or so. It's notable at this point that he seems to have made the decision to concentrate more on film composition and less on angry cyber-rock after he settled down, got married, and started having kids. Yep: Trent Reznor is now just your average suburban corporate tech dad. Cobain could never.

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Top image: HBO, Pixar

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