Sex-Off! Women of the '70s vs. Today

TODAY: Elisha Cuthbert
THE '70s: Phoebe Cates

Now, you're probably saying to yourself, " Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the movie that skyrocketed Cates to T&A immortality, was released in 1982. That's not during the '70s!" Well, if you're a giant tool you're saying that. The point is, although the movie was indeed released in August of 1982, we're pretty sure that Cates' tits were just as fantastic 20 months earlier while it was still technically the '70s. Hell, they were probably better.

Cuthbert, who actually starred in a movie called The Girl Next Door, is ajnla akl xjkf-sorry, lost focus there for a second. Holy hell. But the reason Cuthbert's so scrum-diddily-umtious is because she actually looks like she's from the '70s. Feathered hair? Fur coat? Real boobies? It's impossible to deny that she is a time-traveling sex robot sent to show us what hot really is. Can you imagine how hard Judge Reinhold would have jacked it to her coming out of that pool? Pretty hard, that's how hard.


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