Your mother says we don't talk politics at the dinner table, and yes that includes any impressions of Alec Baldwin doing an impression of Donald Trump. Wait until everyone's having brandy and cigars in drawing room before telling everyone they've only heard of King Tut thanks to Richard Nixon. And for god's sake, don't interrupt the idiots in the other room playing Far Cry 6, their politics are all mixed up

Since we couldn't even get through a dinner party bit without bringing up comedy in politics, can we talk about how weird it is when people get mad at things for being political? Everything is political (even comics are political),  it's just a matter of how much politics is acceptable to discuss before people leave the Far Cry 6 room and wander over to the X-treme Sports arena. Since that “how much” is ever-changing and situationally specific, well, that means there's some politics at Cracked. You may or may not like our political content, but we can almost guarantee our political content has more Far Cry references than the rest of the internet.  


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