Dave Chappelle

If a group of people made a “Mount Rushmore” of their favorite comedians and/or favorite sketch comedy shows, Dave Chappelle and Chappelle's Show would be on a lot of people's lists (thankfully, Dave says you're allowed to watch Chappelle's Show again). The first act of Chappelle's career gave us hits like Half Baked, For What It's Worth, and the eponymous show. Then, to the sadness of comedy lovers everywhere, Dave Chappelle took a break.

He's come roaring back onto the scene with a slew of Netflix specials. Comedy fans rejoice! Or, if you care at all about the rights and dignity of transgender people and don't care for TED Talks from TERFs, maybe pump the brakes on that rejoicing. Yes, the second half of Dave Chappelle's career seems to be dedicated to exploring whether or not trans people are people and seeing how many different times one man can cram the word “cancel” into an hour of standup. Armed with decades of standup experience and the endlessly deep pockets of Netflix, Chappelle is poised to do PhD-level research on being a TERF at the Hollywood Bowl for years to come. 


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