While SNL has been the 800-pound gorilla of sketch comedy TV, a number of other comedy ensembles have killed it on the small screen over the past 25 years. It's no secret that we're big-time sketch comedy fans, and whomst amongst us hasn't gone down a midnight rabbit hole into old Whose Line Is It Anyway or Chappelle's Show or Monty Python's Flying Circus episodes? We like to celebrate the genius at the heart of the sketches that tickle our funny bones. Because while sketches may feel easy-breezy when they're in their final, edited form, a whole bunch of writing and riffing and good old-fashioned happy accidents go into making those shows. We're all comedy nerds here, and learning about how some of our favorite sketch show gigglefests happened is endlessly fascinating. Have you ever wondered how something as hiliarious-yet-risky as I Think You Should Leave got greenlit? Oh baby, do we got you. We won't stop you from ordering a steak and a glass of water, so slop 'em up and enjoy these behind-the-scenes facts about 16 of our favorite sketches.

BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS Comedy legends influenced KEY & PEELE CRACKED.COM Keegan-Michael Key says his comedy influences are Peter Sellers and Richard Pryor. They are my spirit animals. For Jordan Peele, his 'comedy parents' are Martin Lawrence and Steve Martin. Key decided that Steve Martin Lawrence would be a delicious matchup.


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