Dave Chappelle Allegedly Dunked On Teens Who Disagree With Him

Here we go again ...
Dave Chappelle Allegedly Dunked On Teens Who Disagree With Him

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On today's installment of Dave Chappelle continuing to be the most controversial figure of 2021 (you had a good run, Bean Dad) the beloved and/or despised comedian has found himself at the center of yet another fiasco, taking a break from his busy schedule of creating content for Netflix, subjecting his audience to cheap Ohio cigarette smoke, and joining insufferable figures like Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling as unofficial spokespeople for “Team TERF” (a.k.a a group of radical feminists with terrible bangs who don't consider transgender identities to be valid) to allegedly dunk on yet another group of people who already deal with way more than their fair share of bulls--t – good 'ol teenagers. 

Last Tuesday, Chappelle paid a visit to his alma mater, Washington D.C.'s Duke Ellington School of the Arts, in the days before Thanksgiving, a seemingly sweet reunion that quickly soured after the students began to, well, ask questions. Documentary camera crew in tow, Chappelle spoke to an auditorium full of roughly 580 kids not about the hard work and dedication it took for him to reach superstar status nor what it was like starring in what may be the worst Nicolas Cage flick of all time, Con-Air, but rather, the controversy surrounding his remarks in The Closer, the comedy special that launched (a whole lot more than) 1,000 tweets, a Netflix employee walkout, and a whole digital fiasco, Politico reported. 

Allegedly greeted with an uproarious mixture of cheers and boos – a reception which pretty much sums up America's current feelings surrounding the comic – Chappelle was seemingly disappointed that the students didn't accept him with forgiveness, according to his spokesperson, Carla Sims. As such the Q&A session reportedly devolved into chaos, including Chappelle, with all his wealth, clout, and Netflix's undying support, appearing to absolutely dunk on teens while defending questions surrounding his actions.

“I’m 16, and I think you’re childish, you handled it like a child," one student told Chappelle during the session, dubbing him a “bigot.”

“My friend, with all due respect, I don’t believe you could make one of the decisions I have to make on a given day," the comedian reportedly replied. “I’m better than every instrumentalist, artist, no matter what art you do in this school, right now, I’m better than all of you," he continued, allegedly responding to a follow-up question he described as “antagonistic." "I’m sure that will change. I’m sure you’ll be household names soon.” As Vanity Fair noted, it's unclear whether that last sentence was meant with sincere kindness or as yet another sarcastic jab at the future of the performing arts, however, it seems the point is far removed. if you've resorted to bullying teens for not being as successful as you, a 40-something multi-millionaire, you've already lost. 

Now reader, in all fairness, Dave Chappelle is undoubtedly a talented performer. His work has impacted many and he has delighted audiences for years with his comic prowess – well, until he decided to add a helping of TERF-y ness into the mix. Yet if you feel the need to dunk on high-school-attending teenagers – well, for reasons other than eating tide pods, as my generation has been known to do -- after making statements several people have dubbed actively harmful, you may be in some serious need of reflection, a sentiment students and parents echoed in the aftermath of the comedian's visit. 

“As a parent, I have to say I have a real problem," one parent told Vanity Fair, referencing a specific incident in which Chappelle used a racial slur while responding to a student who yelled that his “comedy kills" – not meant in a good way. “He was being dead serious and using the n-word on the record,” the parent continued, asking "what kind of judgment is the school showing to allow that?”

Yet Sims seemingly had a different take on the events. “They are complaining that he talked and said the n-word. If anything, Dave is putting the school on the map," she said, noting that the comedian attempted to give the students “some space to grow” noting that “they are going to say things that are immature.” “He said these kids deserve an F for forgiveness,” she continued. 

So folks, if you ever feel like absolutely ripping on teenagers, maybe don't. There's no joke here, it's just common sense. 

Top Image: Netflix 

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