Dave Chappelle Attacked Onstage: Where Was The Security?

We need more security than Jamie Foxx in a cowboy hat.
Dave Chappelle Attacked Onstage: Where Was The Security?

Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage last evening during his performance at the Hollywood Bowl as part of the Netflix Is A Joke comedy festival. A man reportedly rushed Chappelle, and they tussled for a time on the floor before security subdued the individual. LA Police did respond.

And, of course, Chris Rock was there. It has been 37 days since The Slap, after all, so high time for a reminder, eh?

Chris Rock and Will Smith slap
Seen this angle yet?

All kidding aside, nothing about this is funny, and it has us wondering: what has to happen to get sufficient security at comedy shows?

NBC News Los Angeles reported the individual was armed with a weapon, a replica gun “that can eject a knife blade when discharged correctly.” While that sounds like a very confused gun, a knife blade is a knife blade.

There are many unknowns at this point, the alleged attacker’s identity and motive has not yet been released, but according to tweets from Buzzfeed reporter Brianna Sacks, Chappelle had indicated a desire for more security in the wake of his trans joke controversy.

Yes, security did respond and apparently with significant force. Sacks was at the show and provided video of the alleged attacker being loaded into an ambulance after getting “his ass kicked by at least 10 people.”

So the situation was handled, but pretty much after the fact. This could have been, at a minimum, bloody. A guy walked into a major comedy event with a weapon and was able to freely access the stage to assault a performer. How does that even happen in the wake of what we just saw 37 days ago at the Oscars?

Again from NBC News Los Angeles: “The venue said on its website that the show would be a “phone-free experience” and that attendees would be required to secure their phones inside specially designed pouches. At least one person sharing a video of the incident said they had "forgotten" a second phone in their bag.”

So they didn’t even get that part right. All the phone footage from the incident certainly indicates whatever rules against phone use were certainly not enforced so you can surmise how the guy got in there with his Leslie Nielsen-style gun.

For his part, Chappelle doubled-down on his trans controversy by saying “It was a trans man.” And Chris Rock’s “Was that Will Smith?” response seems almost contractual at this point. 

Oh, and Jamie Fox showed up in a cowboy hat because that’s what the situation needed. “Whenever you’re in trouble, Jamie Foxx will show up in a sheriff’s hat,” said Chappelle.

Good one, Dave, but we’d feel a lot better if there were more sheriff’s around than Jamie Foxx. Here’s hoping something tragic doesn’t happen to a comedian or any other performer before that becomes a reality.

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