Cartooning doesn't get proper credit for being the versatile medium it is. Often derided as kids' stuff, sometimes cartoons can handle big issues or misunderstood characters better than movies. If you're going to try to relive the Saturday mornings of your youth, get ready to see animated heartbreak in Hey, Arnold and mass slaughter in Gargoyles. If you like your nostalgia disappointment tinged with creepiness, let us remind you how the internet freaked when Lola Bunny got top surgery. And don't you ever, ever forget that one day, when you're old and gray and the world has passed you by, they will turn Peppa Pig into a bacon sandwich

We kid, of course. Cartoons are awesome, and we bet Peppa would taste somehow whiny. How about some quick fun cartoon bits? Here's Chuck Jones' rules for making a Road Runner cartoon. Here's a reminder that Brad Pitt appeared in 1992's Cool World that you won't regret reading. And just in case you're not hungry, crave some cartoon food with us. 


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