From the get-go, Nickelodeon cartoons were funkier and scratchier than the sleepy Saturday morning version. See 14 examples that prove Nicktoons were profoundly strange.

YAKKITY YAK was best friends with an anthropomorphic pineapple GRAGKED COM To be clear, Keo was actually a human with a pineapple for a head. His dad was a straight-up pineapple, sO do the math if you want to figure out where KeO came from.


DANNY PHANTOM pretty much dies during the theme song FuU The upbeat hip-hop open might make you overlook the fact that Danny suffers a painful lab accident and becomes part-ghost. How's that for cartoon trauma?

The Gamer

HEY ARNOLD sounded funny for a reason 33 CRACKEDCO The problem with kid actors is puberty. Once the voice changes, Arnold starts sounding like a grown-ass man. In all, five different actors voiced Arnold -. six if you count Arnold as a baby.


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