A History of Adult Swim in 14 Shows

A History of Adult Swim in 14 Shows

Adult Swim has been a staple in people's lives for as long as people can remember. Whether it's the weird and wacky late-night shows or the nostalgic classics that play during the day, there's always something good on Adult Swim. For a limited time, we're streaming free episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, and The Venture Bros. on our website. So turn up the AC and kick back with some of the funniest cartoons on TV. Don't miss out – these episodes will be gone before you know it!

When one thinks of cartoons, the first thing that likely comes to mind is children's programming. However, there is another side to cartoons - adult Swim. This subsection of the cable network Cartoon Network has been around since 2001 and features animated shows geared towards adults. While it may seem like a recent addition to the cartoon world, Adult Swim actually has a long and interesting history. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most popular Adult Swim shows over the years and explore what makes them so unique. Whether you're a fan of Adult Swim or not, Cracked thinks you'll find this article intriguing!

COMEDY DE NERD CRACKED.COM VENTURE BROS. CREATED AN EXTENDED UNIVERSE Friend Throwaway lines in Season 1 become crucial plot points a decade later. Unlike the sometimes disjointed DC and Marvel cinematic universes, the show's creators made sure every small thread connected to the larger Venture Brothers crazy quilt.


COMEDY DG NERD CRACKED.COM AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE WAS A SPACE GHOST SPINOFF I I I When Space Ghost didn't have cash to pay for his food, the restaurant forced its mascots onto the show. Writers named characters in a stream of consciousness: Matt said 'Master Shake.'I said ''Meatwad. He said 'Frylock. I said 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force. And that was that.



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