superman2156 Smallville

Real Name: Clark Kent

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About Me:
My name is Superman and I fly around Metropolis for kicks and giggles. Every now and then I save somebody in dire need; I don't do it all the time though because I can't be everywhere at once, so get off my back!

I'm almost as fast as the Flash(...or am I faster. I never can remember.), have super strength like the Hulk(that guy is strong though), can fly and pretty much make Hawkman obsolete, have laser-vision just like that punk cyclops(I mean come on, he can't even control it), and can also see through things...and I do it frequently(You know what I mean).

My personal life. I like to turn back the hands of time, take trips to the sun, and long walks on the beach. I like Lois Lane. I would do her tenderly, but I just get so nervous around her. I guess that's all. Oh yea. Fuck you Lex Luthor.