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Every time Michael's in a meeting he makes me come in and give him a post-it note telling him who's on the phone. I did it once and he freaked out. He loved it so much. The thing is, he doesn't get that many calls so he has me make them up every 10 minutes.

Michael, 5k means 5 kilometers not 5,000 miles.

About 40 times a year Michael gets really sick but has no symptoms. Dwight is always gravely concerned.

Phyllis ended up using the same invitations as Roy and me, so it was kind of like being invited to my own wedding.

Kinda sounds like prison is better than Dunder Mifflin.

It's weird. Jan used to treat Michael like he's a 10-year old, but lately it's like he's 5.

Did I wake up this morning thinking I'd be throwing together a bird funeral? You never can tell what your day here is gonna turn into.

"Movie Mondays" started with training videos. But we went through those pretty fast. Then we watched a medical video. Since then it's been half hour installments of various movies-with the exception of an episode of Entourage (which Michael made us watch six times).

Today's a women-in-the-workplace thing. Jan's coming in from corporate to talk to all the women about...um... I don't really know what; but Michael's not allowed in - she said that about 5 times.

Here's what we think happened. Michael's sidekick who, all through the movie is this complete idiot who's causing the downfall of the United States, was originally named Dwight. But then Michael changed it to Samuel L. Chang using a search and replace. But that doesn't work on misspelled words. Leaving behind one "Dwigt". And Dwight figured it out. Ooops.

Finally, I want to thank God. Because God gave me this Dundee. And I feel God at this Chili's tonight.

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