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I guess this is where I talk about me, or stuff. Well, I'm a pilot, which is awesome I'm not gonna lie, people generally associate pilots with being incredibly cocky and self-centered. Well its all true, its not like we try to be this way, really, it just kind of happens. We want everyone else to know how amazing flying is so we can share this wonderful thing. Its like the first time, after getting your license that you drove (legally) by yourself. Well imagine how awesome that was, how much freedom you had. Well now picture doing that again, except this time imagine you're driving up a hill but when you get to the crest instead of leveling off and coming back down you keep going up, then you just drive around in the sky for a bit and come back down, wouldn't you tell everybody you meet too? That's what I thought. Anyway, this all reminds me of a joke I once read, "How will you know if there's a pilot at you're party?" "... They'll tell you."

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