l3ailin Grandville, Michigan

Real Name: Mike

Member Since: April 4th, 2008

About Me:

A steady 210 lbs

Black hair, Green eyes, and one heck of a melting pot when it comes to ethnicity. Cuban, Mexican Indian, Native American, Polish, German Jew, French Canadian, the list goes on. . . . I tend to have a difficult time with filling out forms that require you to choose ethnicity. When the choices are "Caucasian, African-American, Native-American, Asian, or Hispanic (not white)" without an "Other," "Mixed," or "Multi-Racial" choice, my eyes start to twitch.

I reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly like music, but unfortunately have neither the dexterity or the attention-span to learn to play an instrument.

Best beer is Bell's Oberon. Now that I've moved from the midwest to Florida, it's very hard to get any.

Best alcohol period is Hot Sake (Japanese Rice Alcohol) Cold Sake ain't so great, but Hot Sake is incredible. A friend, when he tried it for the first time, likened the warm sensation spreading through his body after he drank it to the first time he tried Jack Daniel's.

Favorite food is Sushi. Eel, Yellowtail, Salmon, Crap, Shrimp, I love it.

I don't cuss, ever, so far as I can help it.

Never tried any kind of drug, including tobacco, unless you call caffeine a drug.

My favorite non-alcoholic drink is Bawl's Guarana High-Caffeine Beverage. Comes in a blue 16 oz can or a blue 10 oz glass bottle. www.bawls.com Don't worry, it's actually an energy drink, not a porno site.

Heh, new slogan for it. . . . . Blue Bawl's. Now something good.