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kunky? how about Chuck U. Farley-ette?
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February 13, 2009

About Me

Recently discovered that I'm an ADD kid with synesthesia and OCD. It's mind-boggling that I ever get anything done at all. It also shattered my reality a little to discover that other people can't hear and taste colors and sounds (etc) but it explains a LOT of why people thing I'm odd. (you mean natural logs don't taste like bitter coffee with artificial sweetener to you? weirdo)

LOVE: shiny things, stars at night, excessive profanity, writing inappropriate haikus, bare feet, Vonnegut, sunny days, and some other stuff.
DON'T LOVE: the inappropriate use of apostrophes, deliberately stupid people, student loan debt, and being awake before 10am.

I'm working on a Masters in Economics because I'm a big nerd with a BA in History and a bonus degree in Liberal Arts and I might actually want to get a real job someday.

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