hooptyhoop Skeeter holler, MO

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About Me:
I like monster trucks and pussy! You can uassualy find me at the local pool scopin the hotties or workin on my sweet 87 camaro, shes a bute. I also enjoy things like beating up queers and hangin out with my sister and her friends. I still live at home but I have my eye on this awesome looking 5th wheel trailer. I should have enough money to buy in A few months. My parents have already told me I could put it in our side yard and run an extension courd out for electric. So nedless 2 say im pretty excited bout that. For work I do some freelance mechanic shit and I have A part time job bagging groceries. I have 4 amaising kids. 3 of witch live with there moms, who are dumb bitches! But I have the oldest boy Cleave. Hes A big little fucker only 12 but already weighs more than dad but has got a good heart. I love japanese anime and hunting shows. I cut my own hair and Cleaves. I enjoy the ocaisonal glass of wine. Boones farm wild cherry is my fave ;-) Limp Bizkit is my favourite band and thats prety much it. if u hav any question go ahead and ask... Peace ouT!