dungeonmaster11 Texas. East Texas. That's all I'm sayin'.

Real Name: Travis

Member Since: June 13th, 2008

About Me:
I'm a college freshman who's majoring in English, and hoping to make it as a writer, though I know the field is hard to get into.
I'm a Quaker, specifically a No Choice Quaker (see the works of Philip Gulley and James Mulholland), which, despite the restrictive-sounding name, means I have in a much more pacifistic, hopeful type of theology/philosophy--even by Quaker standards!
I am, in many senses, a nerd, as I greatly enjoy reading both books and comics (of varying national backgrounds), playing video games, watching cartoons (again, of varying national backgrounds, surfing the web, looking up strange and/or trivial information on a whim, and so on, with a rather shy/introverted social attitude. I do have friends in both real life and on the internet though; the latter ones being actually trustworthy, despite the internet often acting as a web of deceit. I also like to write, sketch/draw, discuss interesting topics, or just hang out as well.
I eat meat, eggs, and occasionally dairy products (of which I'm not really that big of a fan, taste-wise), but I'm an animal lover in many senses. I believe that every form of life, from animals to plants, and even bacteria to viruses have a place in the eternal hereafter; eating meat, using animals for medical research, and killing off harmful bacteria/viruses is just business, and nothing to be ashamed of.
I also have ADD, some OCD, and rather poor self-confidence. Unfortunately, the third can be a problem in a number of ways, since I often feel isolated when I have a more peaceful or positive opinion about something (like the later Sonic games, the Star Wars stuff past the original trilogy, the new Indiana Jones, etc.) the majority, even people I admire or are friends with, are much more negative about. What's more, having OCD only makes compulsive negative thoughts more frequent and wearying. Still, I'm still truckin', beating back that flack each day, and reminding myself that not all disagreements should be taken on a personal level and that what should matter the most to me is whether I personally like/dislike something.
But all rambling aside, the bottom line is, I'm Travis, a.k.a. dungeonmaster11.