britethorn chicago, IL

Real Name: britethorn

Member Since: September 14th, 2009

About Me:
I'm a film-maker working in and around Chicago's The Second City. I work mostly in the realm of political satire, but wander into other areas (and serious blogging) as the mood strikes me.

My work has appeared on shows such as CNN's "This Week in Politics" and I've made appearances on such disparate media platforms as FOX CHICAGO SUNDAY, WGN RADIO and AL JAZEERA ENGLISH'S "The Listening Post," where I am a regular contributor as one of their Global Village Voices.
I've also been interviewed by The New York Times as well as my hometwon paper, The Chicago Tribune.

My film (with Johnny Bruder) "Hit Men" was the winner of Sony Pictures/'s first Short Film Award, for which I walked away with a $15,000 check as well as a pitch meeting at Columbia Pictures -- a great experience, but no sale -- although I did get to take a look at the Best Picture Oscar for "Kramer vs Kramer" in Columbia's lobby.

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