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In the beginning, there was a great God of virtue and pride. He was powerful yet nurturing. One day he fell deeply in love with a fairy nymph whom he witnessed bathing in a garden fountain in the middle of an enchanted forest. He loved this nymph with all of his heart and soul.

One day he approached her and proposed. Hypnotized by his divine glory, the forest nymph graciously accepted. However, her father, the king of the forest nymphs, was not pleased, as he wished for his daughter to marry a gnome. He launched a war against the Gods.

During this war, the wind whispered news to the forest nymph that she was with child. She rejoiced with glee. However, the night she bore the news to her soon to be husband, he perished in battle, leaving the forest nymph and her unborn in terrible sadness.

9 months later, the nymph gave birth to a baby girl. She named this girl "Yamina"- which means "full of way too much awesome." On the forehead of the new baby girl, she shed one last tear for her departed love. This tear held special powers which were bestowed upon the child.

And henceforth the gift of eternal life, youth and beauty was bestowed upon my being. I have embarked on my quest, wandering the Earth since the dawn of time.

That is all false.

I'm a multimedia designer and broadcasting professional.

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