PattyC Hell, a.k.a. Arizona

Real Name: Patty C.

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About Me:
My Name is Patty C. What else you want, an A&E biography in this bitch? Well alright, I'll give it the old college try...

I lost my virginity on November 4th, 1998 in Las Vegas. As we did it on the pulled out hide-a-bed, Loveline was on the TV in the background and Winnie from The Wonder Years was the celebrity guest. I was so sexually naive that I didn't come because I thought I was supposed to stop after she'd came.

I used to be a degenerate opiate junkie, Oxycodone was my drug of choice. I was chewing 4 30mg instant release percs with my cereal to feel NORMAL. I got clean when I wrote my first novella, The Opiate Odyssey Book I. Buy the series at

I adore Mountain Dew, Pro Wrestling, Nostalgic music, AMC's The Walking Dead, The Venture Brothers, being homesick for Philadelphia, Playing Duke Nukem games (I LOVED Duke Nukem Forever), Making people laugh their asses off, Hookah bars, World War II flicks/docs (ESPECIALLY Nazi stuff!), and the greatest hobby of ALL TIME...

W R I T I N G .

I've had to go to the emergency room thrice because I was laughing so hard my body was dying from oxygen deprivation.

I like to wait til a show is off the air, then watch all of the episodes in a few sittings. I'm currently on "Lost", and I'm hoping to CHRIST it's good.

My son Midian Amadeus C. was born on March 18th, 2009. I love him more than I love MYSELF. I'll forever adore my wife Summer for helping me make him, and putting up with my junkie ass since 2007.

I suffer from hypomania, and have had it long before Charlie Sheen made it fashionable. I am full blooded Irish, and I enjoy teaching my son the culture and customs of the emerald isle, as well as racial pride that comes from being a child of Eire.