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Real Name: Judge-Dredd

Member Since: March 4th, 2013

About Me:
the following is a list of crimes I will be looking out for and the corresponding sentences, failure to report one to me carries a 6 month sentence:
Arson: 25 Years to Life
ARV (Armed Robbery w/ Violence): 18 to 30 Years
Attempted Bribery of a Judge: 10 Years
Body Sharking: 30 Years to Life
Brawling: 6 Months to 5 Years
Breach of Health Regulations: 1 Year
Breach of Peace: 6 Months to 5 Years
Burglary: 10 to 20 Years
Cheeking a Judge: 6 Months
Common Assualt: 3 Months to 3 Years
Copycat Killing: Life
Defective Lights: 500c Fine
Drug Possession: 10 Years
Fare Dodging: 6 Months
Fighting in a Block War: 30 Years to Life
Futsie Murder: Life in a Kook Cube
Illegal Alien: Deportation
Illegal Boinging: 20 Years
Illegal Mutant: Removal to Cursed Earth
Illegal Parking: 3 to 10 Months
Illegal Sugar Possession: 1000c Fine to 2 Years
Illegal Trading: 1 to 3 Years
Importing Sugar: 1 Year
Jaywalking: 100 Days to 2 Years
Jimping: 10 Years
Kidnapping: 30 Years to Life
Leaving the Scene of a Crime: 6 Months to 3 Years
Littering: 1 to 200 Days
Mass Murder: 30 Years to Life
Murder: 18 Years to Life
Murder of a Judge: Life
Obstruction: 6 Months to 5 Years
Old Comicbook Selling: 6 Months to 8 Years
Organ Legging: 30 Years to Life
Overdue on the Meter: 1 to 3 Months
Overdue Vid-slug: 3 Months Each
Paying a Ransom (incitement to Kidnap): 5 Years
Petty Theft: 1 to 5 Years
Possession of Stookie Pills: 6 Months
Pranking: 3 Months to 5 Years
Prohibited Books: 1 Year
Prohibited Vid-slug: 1 Year Each
Public Nuisance: 6 Months to 3 Years
Rabble Rousing: 1 to 5 Years
Receiving Stolen Goods: 1 to 5 Years
Resisting Arrest: 15 Years
Rioting: 2 to 10 Years
Road Piracy: 5 to 20 Years
Robbery: 8 to 20 Years
Rumble: 3 Months to 2 Years
Running on a Walkway: 1 to 10 Months
Scrawling: 3 Months to 2 Years
Sky Heist: 20 Years
Tapping: 5 to 8 Years
Treason: Life
Unlicenced Weapon: 3 Years

there are other crimes not mentioned here, for a complete list of crimes please contact your local Judge.
Grud I hate this paperwork....