JasonVorhees Los Angeles

Real Name: JV

Member Since: September 19th, 2008

About Me:
Back when I found this website I was like Gilbert Gottfried all up in this muthafucka.
The prolific most prominent troll this place has ever seen, creating numerous aliases and proceeding to take over entire comment sections until the staff continually had to intervene during my writing sessions and tell me to stop. Editing me down to a few paragraphs with abrupt endings.
Yet they left intact the ridiculously long posts from uptight college students who type loads of verbal diarrhea whenever they can't take a joke.

Anyways, many of my exaggerated claims of occult global conspiracies and worldwide pandemonium would eventually come to pass and warp reality onto itself for those around me who might've paid attention. They would all come to the realization I wasn't being a troll at all, much less did I even know the meaning of the word.
At first it offended me to be compared to an ugly mythological cave dweller who shits under a bridge, but then that troll meme starting popping up everywhere on the internet and suddenly it was cool. And it's illegal in Arizona.

I'v seen that grin a million times before,
That was the look on my face when I used to come here and freestyle flip writing styles.