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Real Name: HassanbenFhedyet

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About Me:
I have not yet written an 'About Me' because I am too busy hunting bears...
...also I've actually been reading Cracked since 2007 but I was only forced/tricked to create an account this 2010. It's really true, dammit! d;=)

The "Damn is it 2014 already?" update.

So years have gone past and somehow from my just casual (ok a bit more than that) browsing of the internet I managed to scribble together this quick fix.

Oh and I somehow also won these t?w?o? three Macroplasty contests.


And also this GIF contest

Thank you for dropping by.

I guess this is a thing that needs to be done now? Well then, if I haven't logged in for a month, I might have died.
Whoa! Slow down there, why do you think I'm dead, maybe I just met an accident and is hospitalized. Ok that's not much better. Maybe a storm hit and knocked out everything, it has happened you know.
Or maybe I'm just visiting relatives who live on top of a mountain, no internet there you know. Or maybe I just gave up with Cracked and left. Shrugs.