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About Me:
I am upbeat happy love music , love to dance hate rap that tears women down, or men down for that matter, Scared of Barrack Hussien Obama he was a Muslim has associations for 20 years with a Rev. Wright and once almost Marched with Luis Farakkan, instead Rev Wright and Louis Farakkahan go over to Lybia and meet with a terroist Omar Kadfy who blew up the Pan Am Lockerby Jet, who under aggreement from Bush and Colin Powell, will pay back all the Americans who died on that flight. Then in Barracks Book he writes about a man named Frank his name id Marshall Frank Davis a known Communist ,Marxist, then he let Mr Rezko who is about to go to jail for money laundering he bought land for Obama and Himself in an upscale neighborhood in Chicago where Obama and Michele built a Georgian Mansion, now Resko is going to jail had to raise money sold the land next to Obama, then Michele says this is the 1st time I have ever been proud to be an American so she was not before,what is wrong with this picture, Barrack has no expierence in the Senate, the media darling has not sponccered 1 bill.
and he knows nothing about the economy or foreign affairs why would we consider a man with so little expierence a governor of a state or someone who has expreince in the Congress or Senate is better 2 and 1/2 years does not make a leader of the best country in the world! People are blind sided by the word Change I have yet to find out since in every debate he skirts around the quetions and never answers them directly would that scare you also?It sure does me High school and College Kids are snowed over him for what reason, the only word Barrack knows in his rehtoric is chance which means 28% increase in your taxes with Hillary 24% increase in Taxes if they put more of a tax on the wealthy those are the ones who give us jobs we will be exported to foreign countries what is left of our manufacturing jobs here and if they tax big Oil it will get passed down to us st the pump and we will be paying $6.00 a gallon With Mc Cain taxes would be 15% he has propsed a solid guarentee that if you loose your job you can still get paid!
You all go figure!