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Real Name: Z.M.G.A.

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Awesome_Biatch here, dudes.
Gender: Female
Age: 500

Yo thar dudes Awesome_Biatch here, maaan so yah. Before I was a member of Cracked, I became excessively obssessed about this website and I keep logging in almost like..most of tha time and.... if you don't...mind..please add meh as a friend

And oh.. my profile picture?

That's what's likely going to happen to ya if you mess with me

By the way, I am usually a kind person (except that i'm foul-mouthed that is) Don't expect kindness from me if you're being rude tah meh though... And yah If some of you guys that are one of my real-life bullies, don't even fucking bother tah add meh 'cause I hate it when my real-life enemies add me as friend in certain web-sites though =3=


anime,VOCALOID,someplace cold (especially someplace in europe OwO,matryoshkas,italian food,sour cream,HAVING MODERATELY straight hair IRL8DD,dinosaurs,space ships,missiles,guns used for war =3=,snooooooooooooooooooooow,friends,famileeeh,God,FOODD!! >8DD


pedo bear,fugly bread,perverted old men,SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION, AND MANY MORE..