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About Me:
To be honest, I'm just here to skip class. I'm easy going and I've been called many things, but tall doesn't ring a bell. If Swaim and DOB were to have a beautiful baby boy and then Soren Bowie and Jack O'brien were to have a girl, and those children were to procreate... I'd probably come out. Obviously not anywhere as awesome, but definitely in just unfair good looks. I have received National honors on several Classics exams as well as have been named a "funny guy," "short loudmouth," "terribly unpleasant," "presence not to be f***ed with," and "an ***, a *******, a ******, and a ************ that ***** with a ***** in my ***** with **** oozing all over."
When you guys were at the age to start worrying about your first encounters with oral sex and if that's supposed to look the way it does (you know what I'm talking about) I was in the mountains of New Mexico, winning at'l at'l throwing contests and becoming a championship burro racer. I took a dump while looking into the distant Rockies on top of a mountain and listened to the unfounded complaints of those who were fortunate enough to be there when it happened.
Being hungover in the Vatican city is not a good idea and I don't suggest doing it, especially if that's the hottest day of the year. I definitely didn't puke on the Popemobile as it was cruising to pick up Benedict XVI. A piece of advice to those reading this... Vatican security (yeah, even the ones with the pantaloons) don't appreciate you following tunnels underneath St.Peter's Basilica when you are looking for a bathroom or any place to relieve yourself next to the tomb of St.Peter.

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