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About Me:
Yes I'm really bipolar. Yes I'm making a thing about it by using it as my name. I'm "out of the closet" to coin a phrase . Because to hell with people who mistreated me and"my people" for years because of mental illness, and made us need to hide it. Because to hell with people who still demonize us, or deny we exist and refuse to believe it isn't "all in our heads" - which is hilarious because technically it is. Because double gosh darn it I hardly ever see a movie or tv show that has a clue about mental illness, or mental hospitals, and people believe that crap. I'm just a little unbalanced, pay no attention to what I say. Probably it's because I'm crazy. The point is you may think there isn't a stigma about mental illness any more. A lot of people (white) think racism isn't a problem in America any more. A lot of people (stupid) don't believe in evolution! I wouldn't bet on any of those things. Mwooohah hah hah! Soon I will rule the world!