30 Movie Cliches That Just Won’t Go Away

Randomly guessing someone’s password isn’t a thing
30 Movie Cliches That Just Won’t Go Away

Nobody expects Hollywood to be super realistic all of the time. However, that doesn’t mean that using the same unbelievable and dumb cliches isn’t getting tiring to see. 

In movies, for example, kids are pithy, succinct and focused on whatever quip they’re delivering or mayhem they’re perpetrating. But in real life, a little kid can hardly finish a single sentence before jumping to 10 more completely random thoughts. The moment they enter a room, they forget about whatever grand scheme they were just cooking up in the basement, and start interacting with every element of their new environment. A toy on the ground? Gotta scope it out. Mom’s bag? There’s gotta be candy in there somewhere! Oh, a cell phone! Do you have any games on there?

Kids aren’t the only ones getting lazy representation in Hollywood either. You’ve also got lovers with unrealistic kissing styles, hackers guessing the most obvious passwords (that actually work, ugh) and everyone in the future dressing incredibly sexily. 

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