18 Movie Universe Tropes (That Never Actually Happen)

18 Movie Universe Tropes (That Never Actually Happen)

There's a certain level of disbelief we're willing to suspend when watching movies and television shows. We'll readily accept a T-Rex eating a lawyer off of a crapper in a theme park that contains real life dinosaurs. We'll buy a wrinkled purple alien having the ability to kill half of the universe with a single finger snap. We'll even accept Kevin James as a potential love interest for a very attractive woman. 

But whenever a character finds the best parking spot for whatever caper they're trying to do, we're quick yell “FAKE!” at the top of our lungs at the screen, then politely get asked to leave by the usher at the movie theater. Listen, if you live Los Angeles, you know how much luck is require to find a street parking within less than a block away from your destination.

Sometimes even the little, innocuous stuff just seems incredibly implausible, no matter what the rules are of the pop culture universe we're observing. We're talking about things like...

Entry by JanePeg

Swingers (1996) 500 Days of Summer (2009) Looper 12012) AAmL 27 Dresses (2008) Remember the And left last time you without ordered eating it? breakfas

Entry by OlPiley

In the movies no-one needs to use stairs, escalators or elevators to quickly get to ground-level... Southland Tales Armour Of God NOPE! The Fighter IL
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