22 Movie Cliches That Just Won't Die

22 Movie Cliches That Just Won't Die

We've mentioned before about overused props or character types that Hollywood can't seem to let go of. Well, it turns out that in all that hubbub of noticing stuff Tinsel Town does to death, we never really picked up on the fact that movie characters are starting to sound like an echo chamber also.

To help illustrate this fact, we asked our readers to call out some phrases that Hollywood needs to ease up on. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Comunacho

You shouldn't use the phrase a storm is coming as a symbol for an ominous future if you can't do it better than The Terminator: Boy: Alla, iviene un

Entry by angust

The Shawshank Blue Tough Guys (1986) Redemption Streak (1999) (1994) The Getaway (1994) The Chase (1994) The Last Stand (2013) Thelma and Love and a .

Entry by Kevin King

BATMAN BE GINS IDEPEDDENCE DAY I've gotta get me one of those/these! Tangled A line that gets used when a movie character sees or uses something coo

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