14 Movie And TV Tropes (So Common We Can Chart Them)

You can literally draw a straight line between these plot points. So we did.
14 Movie And TV Tropes (So Common We Can Chart Them)

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The creative types behind popular movies and shows like to think they're being fresh and original. As it turns out, though, they're all working from the same boring, hack playbook. In fact, movie and TV plots have become so predictable that you can tell exactly what's coming.

Here's how:

If a character gets a gift, TARTREK ensoortes CO 5AN FRANG Gn8 BQNO you can count on that gift getting ruined by the of the episode.
TV personality shows up at struggling business and samples the goods. TV personality tells owner how disgusting their establishment is. They get into
ALIENS RAMBO II A non-violent mission is offered... be an advisor take pictures Violence is delivered. CRACKED.COM
Countdown from seeing a pool on screen to someone jumping into it. Almost Famous, 1 minute Lethal Weapon, 2 minutes Breaking Bad, 5 minutes CRAGKED CO
CRACKED.COM ORPHANED? Congratulations! Someone is DEFINITELY trying to kill you. TA
acted Someone the sumpathetically towards during to protagonist struggle his conspiracy? a unravel they are secretly the mastermind behind it! CRACKED
A character makes a CRACKED.COM wish.. Regrets making it. M8
The romance develops quickly. THE BIG TWIST? She's working for the bad side.
FALLLING DOMINOES OF DEATH If you have a specialist group on some sort of mission,and one of them dies... Therest willsoonfollow. CRACKEDCON
Do you recognize that background actress? Yeah, she'll be important later.
Just friends. Many conversations about crappy love lives. Finally realize that they should have been together ALL ALONG. CRACKEDCONT
THE FRIENDSHIP BOOMERANG A trusted leaves companion just the before final battle... But returns just in time to save the day! All is forgiven. CRACKED
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