25 Facepalm Movie Stereotypes

Just like everything else in Hollywood, even character archetypes are recycled at a disturbingly alarming rate.
25 Facepalm Movie Stereotypes

You would think that after roughly 2,000 years of filmmaking, Hollywood could learn how to come up with some original characters. Nope. It's the same-old, same-old in Tinsel Town. And unfortunately, that mill too often gets the same grist, and you know what they say: grist in, copycat character out. 

The outcome is that we're saddled with its that there are so many archetypes these days that you can pretty much guess the outcome of movies solely based on the characters you see in the first 30 minutes. And if it's not the first 30 minutes then it's definitely the first 35.

To help illustrate this point, we tasked our readers with compiling character-types that you are entirely likely to see in any given film. Take a gander and file any away that you're not familiar with - we guarantee you'll start to see them popping up sooner than later. Definitely in 35 minutes.

Draco malfoy Jack sparrow Cocky prick love them apples! Jams T. Kirk Ryuk CRACKED COM okka Indiana Jone
Fear The Walking Dead Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind Twilight Nuc Gran Torino Suburban heroes drive pickup trucks. CRACKED.COM
Looking to score some drugs? HIGH SCHOOL NIPITUCK Just find a tattooed guy ! AMERICAN DAD CRACKED COM
Loners in movies are almost always creepyl weird. PROHIED Travis Bickle Gordo Taxi Driver The Gift Seymour Parrish Henry Spencer One Hour Photo Eraser
Captains are heroes Captain America Captain Planet Captain Haddock Captain Marvel Captain Harlock Captain Scarlet Captain Mar-Vell Captain Caveman Cap
In the movies, if you're trans... LVAGOAN C Norman Bates Dr. Frank N. Furter Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb You're probably depraved or a criminal. Einhorn
GRACKED COM Every author of a beloved work, Adult World Field of Dreams Goosebumps Turns out to be a curmudgeonly recluse. The Fault in Hey Arnold! Ou
6'0 bo 5'6 5'6 5'0 5'0 4'6 6 4'0 0 3'6 '6 3'0 Todd Hockney Usual Suspects The short ones are often portrayed as ... Yao Mulan Aggressive, ho
GOTH GIRLS KNOW DARK MAGId Belstrix Lestrange Wancy Black Alice Rdom spell caSter AND AREALL BAT-SHITCRAZY
Not all nerds wear glasses. O- But anyone who wears glasses is Yamazaki Velma probably a nerd. elcome tto the (Scooby-Doo) NHNK Tucker (Danny Phantom)
Fou aN It'sa Wonderful Life CRACKED.COM No matter how sexy the librarian, glasses are required The Mummy Personals RufusWainwrightOutof TheGame The Bi
Ernest Blofeld Argus Filch Gargamel Hollywood seems to think that cats are the symbol of pure evil. That must be why nearly every movie or TV show vil
Crazy White Hair eguals Geniu Thinker Clockwise fromtopleft: Dr. Rotwang, Metropolis; Mlicrosoft Genius assistant: Yoda.tar Wars: Dr. rick Frankenst
GENIUSES Gregory House House M.D. Sherlock Sheldon Holmes Media Cooper Several The Big Bang Theory ARE (If you're real, you will Tony be jerkified les
CRACKEDCOMT R Hannah Montana Lizzie McGuire Harry Potter People who knit can only make hideous sweaters. STEUEN Spongebob That 70's Show Bully Squarea
CRACKED COM BITTLERS Alfred -Batman LRE 0ddjob Goldeneye SECRETL Hillary Tomb Raider BADASSES Cadbury Richie Rich
25 Facepalm Movie Stereotypes
Autistic characters in film are most often shown with savant syndrome, displaying profound abilities like rapid calculation. MZIES Mozart and the Whal
CRACKED.COM People with intellectual disabilities in movies and televison are often depicted having bad teeth or messy, unkempt hair. Derek Radio The
Derek, American COM History X Dangerous CRACKED zealot? Your views Talia al Ghul, Dark Knight Rises must be a product of upsetting childhood Starlight
CRACKEDG Jericho Cane End of Days His family was murdered DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD? Graham Hess Signs His wife died in a car accident YOU MUST HAVE HAD A
In the movies, accountants are painfully dull and boring and REALLY love their jobs. Shallow Grave Ghosbusters Stranger Than Fiction CRACKEDCON
The Da Vinci Code Contact Cold Mountain Known fact: an albino is evil The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean The Passion of the Christ The Matrix Reload
CRACKEDcO Dr. Evil Voldemort Ming the Merciless Before choosing to become evil, consider hair transplants. Lex Luthor Mr. Freeze Nero Golllum Cypher

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