25 Facepalm Movie Stereotypes

25 Facepalm Movie Stereotypes

You would think that after roughly 2,000 years of filmmaking, Hollywood could learn how to come up with some original characters. Nope. It's the same-old, same-old in Tinsel Town. And unfortunately, that mill too often gets the same grist, and you know what they say: grist in, copycat character out. 

The outcome is that we're saddled with its that there are so many archetypes these days that you can pretty much guess the outcome of movies solely based on the characters you see in the first 30 minutes. And if it's not the first 30 minutes then it's definitely the first 35.

To help illustrate this point, we tasked our readers with compiling character-types that you are entirely likely to see in any given film. Take a gander and file any away that you're not familiar with - we guarantee you'll start to see them popping up sooner than later. Definitely in 35 minutes.

Entry by GordonHaid

Crazy White Hair eguals Geniu Thinker Clockwise fromtopleft: Dr. Rotwang, Metropolis; Mlicrosoft Genius assistant: Yoda.tar Wars: Dr. rick Frankenst

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