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5 Terrifying Realities Of My Job As A Cell Tower Climber

If a cell tower ever stops functioning, some poor bastard has to scale the thing and fix it. If that sounds simple, well, here are some things you should know.


The 4 Ways That Pretentious People Try To Impress You

You're not special. You're not unique. You're just annoying.


5 Horrifying Laws It Took WAY Too Long To Fix

One hopes that when nations refer to their bleak history, they mean centuries ago, and not 'earlier this morning.'


6 Dark Movies You'll Never See The Same Knowing Their Origin

Many of the byzantine horrors we see today were thought up by writers standing in line to buy a new mattress -- or something equally boring and mundane.


6 Ways Being A Child Star Is Way Darker Than You'd Think

Children and entertainment mix about as well as alcohol and prescription meds -- which, incidentally, often end up being their primary diet.


5 Reasons You Might One Day Vote For A Donald J Trump

Trump haters will probably vote for the man. Yes, even you -- the one with the social justice Tumblr and an ironic appreciation for Pokemon Go.


6 Depressing Epilogues Of Famous Websites

Time to take a depressing look and find out what happened to our favorite old-school websites.


5 Advocate Groups Who Are Shockingly Angry For Dumb Reasons

There are so many annoying people out there that it's a wonder the world isn't a giant Thunderdome. However, there are some people who find the most ridiculous things rage to about.


5 Problems Superheroes Would Have (Movies Don't Address)

Wouldn't it be awesome if your favorite superheroes came to life? Actually, it turns out that'd be more than a little complicated.


4 Unexpected Things You Learn When Moderating A Fetish Chat

We talked to a BDSM chat room moderator, and here's what he told us about the grenade he's falling on for mankind.


Why The CoV Decided To Throw Its Full Support Behind Trump

[huge, huge applause, triumphant gunshots]


4 Things People Always Overlook When Moving

That we've not made this process tolerable in any way is a testament to just how abhorrent moving really is.


When CGI Won't Cut It: 6 Realities Of Being A Movie Monster

Doug Jones is one of the most famous actors you don't know.


5 Things To Do Now That Dragons Have Returned To The World

Well, it's up and happened. Dragons have returned to the world. We were wrong to laugh at the old man who warned us this day was coming.


5 Terribly Awkward Attempts To Appeal To Young People

These attempts to market to young people are high-key LOL epic #fails to the max.