14 Unlucky Ding-Dongs Who Ruined Or Lost Ultra-Rare Items

Hercules isn't mad, just... disappointed.
14 Unlucky Ding-Dongs Who Ruined Or Lost Ultra-Rare Items

Museums house inventories of artifacts from all over the globe, allowing visitors to communicate with and learn from history. However, most of those ancient artifacts pale in comparison to certain exceptional objects that already have gotten lost and destroyed over the years. Losing treasures is a mainstay of imagined and real-life adventures, ranging from the oldest reserves to disused WWI artifacts.

The majority of other well-missing artifacts will almost certainly never be managed to recover; several were destroyed, and this will not deter relic hunting, who continue to look for ancient artifacts to this day. Everything gets one new story about rare artifacts discovered in pawn shops to keep the motivation up.

I'm no expert, but lesson number one on your first day of Art Curation School should be: don't clean the ancient relics with steel wool.

Scroll down to see what objects are considered unlucky Ding-Dongs who ruined or lost ultra-rare items.

The Portland Vase CRACKED.COM The vase, which is suspected to share a birth year with Jesus, was REK'D by a drunk college kid in 1845. Young William Mulcahy threw another sculpture at the vase, shattering them both, then gave a fake name when he was caught.

Source: BBC

A 600-year-old Virgin Mary statue CRACKED.COM Some dude from Missouri traveled all the way to Florence to give the Virgin Mary a high five. In the process, he snapped off her pinky finger. Luckily, the pinky was so brittle because it was itself a restoration -- meaning this was definitely not the first time some idiot tried to high five the Holy Mother.

Source: NPR

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