13 Calorie-Rich Servings Of Trivia About McDonald’s

13 Calorie-Rich Servings Of Trivia About McDonald’s

McDonald's is a fast-food restaurant chain that was founded in 1940. It is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving more than 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 36,000 outlets. The company began as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald. In 1948, they reorganized their business as a hamburger stand using production line principles. The brothers franchised the business in 1955 and opened their first restaurant outside of California in Des Plaines, Illinois. Ray Kroc became involved with the company as a franchise agent in 1959. He purchased the chain from the brothers in 1961 and grew it into a global organization by opening new locations and acquiring other chains such as Burger King and Wimpy.

Did you know that a Big Mac has 540 calories? That’s more than a quarter of the recommended daily intake for women and nearly half for men. In fact, according to one study, if you want to lose weight, the best thing to do is avoid eating at McDonald’s altogether. But if you can’t resist the lure of those golden arches, at least arm yourself with some trivia about the restaurant chain. Here are some calorie-rich servings of information to get you started. Happy noshing!

The largest McDonald's restaurant isn't in the U.S.-- it's 00 actually in Moscow. The restaurant, on Pushkin Square, opened in 1990 after 14 years of negotiations, and seated 700 people (and they queued for hours to get in). NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN

McDonald's replaced its coffee stirrers purely because of cocaine. People were actually using them to snort cocaine off of, and McD didn't want their product to be associated with that, so they redesigned them. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: Snopes

In Hong Kong, McDonald's has an upscale restaurant called McDonald's Next. The color scheme is black and white, the decor is glass and metal, and there's even table service in the evening. But they offer all the usual menu items. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN

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