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The Biggest Signs The Education Apocalypse Is Upon Us

4writers is one of a small handful of academic writing companies, and literally all of them are located in Ukraine.


5 Random Places That Produced An Eerily High Number Of Stars

There's 'this place is favorable to artists,' and then there's 'somebody is clearly growing rock stars in a lab in Virginia.'


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It's noble to want to save other species. But we have to be picky.


5 'Cool' Adults You Never Realized Were Utter F*ck-Ups

It's clear that these adults (in legal standing only) were absolute maniacs for consistently making the life choices that would seem coolest to kids.


5 Ways We Are Absolutely Lost When It Comes To Mental Health

Medically speaking, we've made some huge strides in recent history. Huge, huge strides. In the wrong direction.


The Hidden Upside Of Making All Drugs Legal

Is throwing people in prison for drug use worse than just letting them take whatever they want? All the current data points to 'Sweet future-ghost of Keith Richards, yes.'


6 Bizarre YouTube Genres That Are (Somehow) Hugely Popular

Someone explain the popularity of these bizarre sub-genres to us.


6 Things I Learned Chasing Down America’s Worst Criminals

Just because catching the bad guy is physically easy, doesn't mean it doesn't take an extreme mental toll.


An Incredible Best Man's Speech For This Beautiful Day

We had some fun and made some mistakes, and for a time, both of us had police records indicating we shouldn't be around waterfowl.


I Review Your College Applications, And Hoo Boy Do They Suck

Here's the 'why' behind your application getting rejected.


4 Signs President Trump Is Headed For A Hitler-Like Reign

I dove into history books about the rise of the Third Reich to try to build a hypothetical road map to American Fascism.


6 Gloriously Insane Urban Legends You’ll Wish Are True

These theories aren't just fake, they're also so fun that you'll wish they really happened.


6 Side Effects Of Famous Charities That Make Things Worse

The glut of donated supplies following a tragedy is such a problem that emergency workers have a term for it --


I'm An Actual Veteran: Here's How I Celebrated Veterans Day

Every Veterans Day, some lovely, patriotic establishments offer free meals to veterans. As a veteran myself, it is a kindness that I have appreciated and partaken of for years.


7 WTF Ways Famous Companies Rip You Off Every Day

These methods of screwing the consumer are as petty as they are impressive.