28 Little-Known Facts About Famous People

Celebs have some pretty weird hobbies.
28 Little-Known Facts About Famous People

Due to the image certain celebs present, we all make assumptions about their personal lives. 

Because of the amount of scrutiny they're under and the time spent in the lime light its easy to fool ourselves in to thinking we know everything there is to know about celebrities and the ultra famous. The fact is though, sometimes the public persona can just be a diversion from the real people that exist beyond the constant glare of the media attention.

For example, Tom Hardy might seem like a super tough guy but he's actually not. In fact, he feels very intimidated by other men at the gym and doesn't feel very manly. 

We never knew about the clever tactics Robert Pattinson used to disarm an obsessive stalker…one key part of his strategy involved being an incredibly boring date.

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