Celeb Meltdowns That Went Supernova

Celeb Meltdowns That Went Supernova

Look, we all have moments when we reach our breaking point. We slam a door, swear under our breath, maybe stomp around. But when you're a celebrity, apparently you explode into an absurd supernova of drama that's visible from space at the drop of a hat.

For example ...

Celeb Meltdowns That Went Supernova

Celeb Meltdowns That Went Supernova

Tyrese Gibson tried to start a feud with The Rock over Fast & Furious. A custody dispute apparently took its toll on Gibson's mental state, as he dema

Alec Baldwin lost his mind when airline staff asked him to quit playing Words With Friends on his phone. TL DL TL UeBnu After the surliest and puffies

Trey Songz tantrumed himself into a jail cell when told to stop playing. When alleged strip club assaulter Songz was performing in Detroit and told to

Sly Stone launched into a bizarre diatribe (and then went limp) at Coachella. Sly (of Sly and the Family) Stone was a featured act at Coachella a few

Serena Williams threatened a line judge (and seemed intoxicated) on the court. A few years after telling a line judge I swear to God I'll fucking tak

Peter Frampton stormed off during a concert when a cameraman ruined his solo. IRDS At a concert in Minnesota, the musician known for Baby, I Love Y

Madonna got falling-down drunk on stage. During a concert in Australia, Madge appeared to get good and liquored up onstage while dressed up as some so

Kevin Durant made a fake social media account to troll his former team and fans. Kevin Durant @KDTrey5-4m Replying to @ColeCashwell imagine taking rus

Gene Simmons received a lifetime ban from Fox News for his erratic behavior. NO SIMMONS ALLOWED KYO When The Demon appeared on Fox and Friends to pr
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