19 Celebs Who Are Completely Different In Private

What's the opposite of typecasting? Whatever it is, this is that.
19 Celebs Who Are Completely Different In Private

Celebrities are great at building personas for themselves, whether it's through taking specific movie roles, building a social media presence, public appearances, or some combination of all of them. After all, if you build yourself as a brand and it springs up a dedicated audience, it only makes sense to just run with it. However, as it goes with television, much of what your perceive isn't necessarily reality.

A chilled-out painter could actually be a control freak. A pacifist music god could be a domestic abuser. A blonde ditzy socialite could actually be an accomplished businesswoman. The people you mock and jeer should be praised and cheered. The people who inspire you could be also be jerkbags or even worse.

Before you go kill your heroes and reconsider the people you despise, you should get the full story.. Here are some celebrities who are nothing like the personas they show to the public:

Jack Gleeson played the role of King Joffrey so well that it's hard to imagine him as anything but his evil character. IAME OF THRONES According to Ki
Think Gordon Ramsay is a mean, short tempered prick? Think again. In real life, Ramsay is a nice guy and has donated to several charities, including U
Lucille Ball was actually a very serious and responsible person, despite being famous for playing silly and funny characters. And her natural hair col
19 Celebs Who Are Completely Different In Private
Think Paris Hilton is just a vapid, privileged, reality star? She's actually a hardworking, smart businesswoman. She manages 19 product lines, travels
Fantasy author Terry Pratchett wasn't the fun, carefree guy his fantasy-comedy stories led you to believe he was. According to his friend Neil Gaiman,
John Lennon sang about love and peace, but he hadn't always lived what he had preached.  used to be cruel to my woman, and physically... any woman. l
Johnny Ramone might have invented punk rock as we know it, but he wasn't into the rock 'n' roll lifestyle in the least. After concerts, when the rest
Behind the Bob ROSS wasn't scenes, relaxed and laid back, he SO was a control freak about every little detail of his show, which is why it was the suc
Tyra Banks wears luxurious dresses in front of the camera, but in real life, she is extremely frugal. At one point, her accountants had to remind her
19 Celebs Who Are Completely Different In Private
Steve Martin isn't really such a wild and crazy guy. In his words: I am fundamentally shy and still feel embarrassed at disproportionate attention.
ORACKEDCO MoG Eeipon Tom Hardy hates going to the gym because he feels intimidated by the tough guys there. He admits that he doesn't feel very manly
19 Celebs Who Are Completely Different In Private
Despite playing tough guys on-screen, Liam Neeson is actually a wimp when it comes to heights. He's not just afraid of standing in a tall building or
19 Celebs Who Are Completely Different In Private
Charlie Chaplin was a lovable goof on-screen, an artiste off-screen, and, according to Marlon Brando, probably the most sadistic man I'd ever met. W
Danny Trejo comes acrross as one badass SOB in his movies, but in real life The's a totally wonderful guy. Aside from his work helping convicts get an
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