Tell Us Now: 12 Unfortunate Overheard Secrets

A word of advice: mind your plate.
Tell Us Now: 12 Unfortunate Overheard Secrets

We asked Cracked readers on Instagram and Facebook what wild stuff they overheard by accident, and it was… mostly very sad! Bad bosses, suspicious significant others, pill-shilling construction workers, you name it! If there's one takeaway from these experiences, it's that we should all invest in noise-cancelling headphones and just mind our own beeswax.

TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS CRACKED Scott H. found out how his industry really works: Overheard my boss telling a subcontractor how much money he wanted in order to give them the contract on the job. I quit a month later.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS CRACKED Tamao K. accidentally got some honest feedback at work: I was expecting a package from the head office. I couldn't wait for it to come to my office, so I just went and hung out in the mail room. No one knew who I was, but assumed I was just working there and so for the next two hours I was privy to everything negative said about me from the employees in the company.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS CRACKED Shawn J. caught some folks working overtime: I lived in low income housing for about 10 years. I have overheard so much stuff. They hired some people to come in and put new siding on all the buildings, and I overheard some of them talking about how many pills they sold to the people that live there.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS CRACKED Ben J. caught the audio equivalent of a Toobin: I heard a client's partner audibly having the most violent bout of vomiting I have heard before or since. It was a video call, and I was presenting something, when suddenly her window and BELCH HUAAAPCHIS.UP BORKS BLAAARGHL BURP. She was so shocked herself she didn't manage to mute or log off and after like 30 seconds of 80s gory horror flick sounds it stopped.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS CRACKED Joshua M. got insider info by screening his calls: The company I was trying to get a small business loan from called me while I was busy, so I hit decline. They must have thought they were disconnected, but they actually ended up leaving me a lengthy message where they discussed not only my loan, but the financial details of at least one other applicant in their queue. Details I should not know.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS GRACKED Mandy T. got rejected by an old pal: I had a friend who moved away in the 5th grade. My family was actually from the area her family moved to. So while we were visiting one weekend, my mom and I went to see them. She and I were hanging out. She got a phone call from a friend. I had left the room for something and when I came back I heard her saying yeah...I wish she would leave.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS CRACKED Dean B. found out the true purpose behind a kind gesture: I thought my girlfriend was being sweet by getting to the bus I got off earlier than the bus arrived. I overheard her telling her friend she was waiting for so long only to see if I was lying about the bus travel, and actually sleeping with other people.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS GRACKED Aaron s. got the jump on a scheming boss: A workplace had a spare office they would use for training. It was next to HR. I heard SO many things I shouldn't have, including my own boss discussing with HR how to best fire me.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS GRAGKED Terry W. shows that there's a unique sort of client confidentiality in the copier repair business: I used to fix copiers. More than once I overheard both sides of a divorce battle, while working on 2 separate machines, at 2 separate legal offices.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS CRACKED Negamonte H. overheard teachers absolutely dunking on their students: Basic list of complaints included: How we smelled, how stupid we were, how much help we asked for, how our parents made us lazy.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS CRACKED Weird AI (probably not that one) had a perfectly nice sleepover ruined: Stayed at a friend's house, their parents were unaware that I had conked out in their spare room. They had a blazing row about money, where the dad pleaded with the mum to stop spending because she was crippling them. She kept laughing and saying 'it's not my name on the cards, it's yours.
TELL US NOW: OVERHEARD BUMMERS CRACKED Kenneth B. got sweet, instant revenge: An umpire in a championship baseball game I was in told the catcher that I was an easy out. I promptly singled the winning runner home.
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