13 Trivia Nuggets To Impress And Delight Your Friends

13 Trivia Nuggets To Impress And Delight Your Friends

The Canary Islands is an island country of Africa's northern shore, derived from the Latin term for the dog, "canis." When early sailors arrived on the island, they discovered it swamped with wild dogs and gave the identity. The islands gave their name to the bird species canary, not the other way around.

Do you want to win your weekly factoids contest? Ok that’s not a real thing, but do you want to broaden your understanding with a wide range of interesting tidbits? We've got your back! You'll gain knowledge of what camels genuinely purchase in their undulations, why exactly sunsets on Mars seem to be blue, how much crazy utilization ancient Romans had for semen and urine, as well as by perusing these facts. Yes, you can be an Olympic-level athlete with ONE WEIRD TRICK: exploit loosely covered loopholes in a country where you have no real-world experience and simply don't get disqualified for failing any fancy "tricks" and "things normal athletes do." The entire story, plus more, can be found below.

MEMORY TEST Hey, remember how the internet is decimating your memory? Feel free to prove us wrong by answering this question about the first entry in this article, without scrolling up: According to scientists, what is the max speed a Tyrannosaurus Rex would be able to run without injuring itself? A.) 5 MPH B.) 15 MPH C.) 18 MPH D.) 25 MPH CRACKED.COM

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