Your brain is hungry for facts! Feed your brain these facts before it rebels! The last thing we need around here is an insurrection in your brain. Just think of it: little beret-wearing rebels hiding in the folds of your grey matter, plotting and scheming for control, where they can launch their supposed utopian future.

But luckily that doesn't have to happen - you can head this whole mess off at the pass by diving headlong into this fine, 30-strong list of arcane and fascinating facts like how nuclear bombs have made shipwrecks more valuable, sonic weapons that really work, oil doesn't come from dinosaurs and how Brad Pitt threatened to kill Harvey Weinstein. 

All that and much more is just what you'll need to feed up that brain, protecting it and you from rebel invasion. You'll emerge, triumphant and smarter - where else can you get a better leg up than that?

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